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Welcome to the Official SCKL (South Central Kansas Lines) Homepage. Through this site you will always be able to watch the development of the Model SCKL Railroad, and its affilliates, sister railroads, and customers.

Update: 8/1/02 Not a lot has happened in the last 14 months, but I thought an update was in order. I spent 20 minutes at this years Air Capitol Train Show. RR Customs has become hard to get a hold of, so they have a whole bunch of my stuff, and I haven't got it back yet.
Last Christmas' NPRR car sold 10 units. It was an Egg Nog Tanker car. I didn't utilize ebay as a sale tool, and lost my list of year 1 buyers. Looking forward to Christmas 2002, I am trying to decide what will be my design. I'm leaning toward a hopper, open or closed that will carry peppermints. My second idea is a modern fish-belly hopper carrying a load of snow. More on that soon, I have set a August 30th deadline for my decision. For the annual family car, I'm planning on a Husky-Stack car with a 'Mistletoe Express' semi trailer. September 1st I plan on ordering the decals for the Christmas cars.
Other news. . . I have made a decision to run for political office. I have a pair of covered hoppers being painted and data decaled by the Engine House Hobby painter. I have designed the decals for them, I just haven't printed them yet. As you have seen above, with the hoppers, will be a red, white and blue BL2 diesel to pull the hoppers and other political or patriotic family cars in the future.
Nothing much has been done on the Noel, Kansas project. There has been another design change. In order to fit in with the overall modular effect that the layout is planning on taking, the layout will not be operational in a stand alone way. There will be a track with a passenger station siding in the front of the module, and another straight track along the back with a back in team track siding. These changes will make a change in the layout of the buildings likely. Here's a current discription: Centerline with its back to the siding track will be Noel's train station. In one end of the station is going to be Sis' Gifts. Along the highway, across from the depot will be: In the center block - (l to r) Angie's Cafe with barber shop, and a motel/apartments above it; Asher's Toy Shop; a department store; drug store with an old-fashioned soda fountain; and the moviehouse. Across the street, but on the same side of the highway (l to r): gas station and drive-in restaurant. Across the street from Angie's Cafe, also on the same side of the highway is the Noel Church. Behind the Church is the park where the big Christmas Tree and possibly the animated pond will go. Across the alley from Angie's Cafe is Allison's Candy Store. Across the alley, seperated by a parking lot will be the grocery store. On the same street will be the fire station and ambulance barn (old fire station). Across the street from the fire station and stuff (l to r): Bank building; Anderson and Long Law Office; possibly a auto repair shop; and the implement dealer/hardware store. Behind the gas station will be a small housing development; bed and breakfast; and a school. This is all hypothetical as of now, we'll have to see how construction goes.
Finally, the personnel cars of the 2002 SCKL Special race train have been under production. Three have been purchased and repainted bright silver. Decals are in production. They'll probably go to someone else to have the red, white and blue striping applied.


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