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Company Information

Corporate Offices: 1202 N. Sedgwick Garden Plain, Kansas 67050
Office#: (316)531-2385 fax#: (316)722-8666

Executive Security and Protection Services was formed in Wichita, Kansas in 1997. Since the company's inception, its primary client has been the Wichita State University Athletic Department. At Wichita State, Executive staff performs total "Event Security" for all types of sporting events. Executive staff take tickets, control crowd ingress/egress, secure the floor or field, and perform customer service and ushering duties. During special events, Executive Security personel also perform special duties as needed, including personal guard details for dignitaries and players. Besides Wichita State, Executive Security has worked for four years with the Wichita Garden Show and the Greater Wichita Area Sports Commission. Executive Security has worked with Wichita Festivals, Inc and local radio stations on concerts of various sizes. 2002 marks the second year of Executive Security's involvement with the Kansas State University Wildcat Football program.

Besides event and concert security, Executive Security personel have training in loss prevention, first aid, site security, courtesy lot patrolling, and conducting investigations. The company offers uniformed guards for construction sites, building access control, and foot or mobile patrolling - either at single or multiple locations.

The next time your Church, business or organization has security needs, from 1 guard to 50, uniformed or undercover, contact Executive Security and Protection Services.

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